Pleasure filled my body. I feel burning in Ronald’s every touch and when he filled me with his long and hard shaft, I moaned so loud. I feel like everyone in the hospital heard me! Damn it!

I can feel Ronald’s power as he entered me. Every time he touched me, I am burning, my whole body feel so heated as his warmth dominate me. I didn’t know that an idea of doing it here in one of the empty spaces here in the hospital makes me so crazy. It feels…exciting. It was in between excitement because of breaking the rules. Damn it! I’ve never known that Ronald like this kind of things.

After some powerful pump I felt my thousand spasms come within me. I moaned in pleasure as Ronald come next. We both breathed heavily. Our heavy breathings are the first thing we did after those heated moments. He rested his forehead on mine. His sleepy eyes are staring at me. I swallowed hard as his lips rose for a smirk.


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