We had a great time together. Chairman always understand everything. He always does but sometimes he makes a decision recklessly but, in the end, he always realized his fault and fix everything. That’s why I like him as a boss. He’ll be discharge by tomorrow and will go back to his office.

I don’t know if he already talks with Hendrick, but I know Hendrick will also understand his father. I told Chairman that I’ll just do something outside. He just nodded before I left him there. I smirked and was about to enter the elevator to go to Ronald’s office when Rael and Gray appear in front of me. They are breathing heavily like there’s a big problem we are facing.

“What the hell is happening?!” I asked a bit worried.

“Let’s go outside first, Cristine,” Rael said whimpering. My brows furrowed as my heart beating fast. What is it this time? We went outside.


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