Chapter 29


He kissed me as if my lips offered him the oxygen his lungs burned for. He kissed me with the intensity of a thousand suns, hot and consuming. My entire body felt alive, soaking up his body heat. I was all too willing to burn for him, because of him. If he hated me so much, I was willing to let him show me exactly how much wrath he held in the cage of his ribs. If he hated me so much, I wanted to taste that hate on his tongue. And, if he hated me as much as he said he did, I wanted to feel that hate suffocate me.

As morbid as it sounded, I wanted it. I wanted everything he could offer me. Every fucking drop, because I was greedy and starved. He had left for a year, leaving me pining for what I had lost and thought I'd never get back. But I'd fight to get it back. I'd fight till my last heartbeat. I'd find till my last breath. I'd fight until I was drained and even then, I wouldn't give up. Because I was sorry. I di

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Redeem yourself girl!!! Ace is definitely a keeper!!!...
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Loved this chapter
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Julie Boudreault Gravel
This chapter is too short! Lets go girl get your man back

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