Chapter 38


"I'm going to kill him," I seethed, pacing the length of Gunnar's office at Astor Architecture. After I had driven Miranda home to get ready for her day, I came here. I should have stayed with her. If I had stayed with her this wouldn't have happened, "no, I'm not going to kill him," I stopped pacing and glared out the floor to ceiling window that overlooked the city in all its beauty, "I'm going to cut his dick off, blend it and then make him drink it before slowly peeling his skin from his body."

"Let's find them first before you decide on what you're going to do with him," Gunnar, as calm as fucking ever, said from his seat behind his desk, "Odette has Quinn, and Jericho is tracking her car through any and every camera he can hack into. I'm going to the warehouse to fetch Goldilocks and you find them when Jericho gives you a location. I'll have a team at your disposal if you need it."

"If he doesn't

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Jennifer Sullivan
Omg amazing chapter, but it is never enough. Lol! Now I will not patiently wait for the next update.
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Next chapter please ...
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Poor Tory!! Glad they found her and I like when Daniel and the brothers get along!! Great chapter!!

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