Chapter 40


I eventually pulled myself together while Odette held me, whispering words of comfort that fell on deaf ears. It took me a while to blink away my tears and note that she was alone, no partner in sight, and no other cops trailing behind her to cordon off the crime scene. Her face was set in a placid mask that had my trembling bones calming.

She smoothed down my knotted hair, green eyes softening when they landed on my injured head and shoulder. When her attention moved to the dead man on the floor I swear a shadow of fury flickered across her face before her mask slipped into place again.

"You're okay," she murmured, shrugging off her jacket and draping it over my shoulders, "you're safe."

I didn't realize how cold I was until the warmth of the jacket danced over my icy skin. With white knuckles, I held the jacked close to me and breathed in a sigh, allowing a sho

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Loved this chapter so much!!!
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I'm liking the softer side of Ace
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