Chapter 42


"Would you stop moving," I chastised but the words came out muffled since I had a pin pressed between my lips, "if I poke you it will be entirely your fault, don't even think of blaming me."

Ace scowled down at me, jutting out his lower lip and batting his stupidly long eyelashes, "You've already poked me more times than I can count on one hand."

"And I'll poke you some more if you keep looking at me like that," I grumbled, continuing my work of sewing the button of his black button-down while the shirt was still tightly stretched over his body.

"Is this totally necessary?" He asked, catching my wrists in his large hands and yanking me close until the tip of his nose was to mine. I was certain my brain forgot how to perform all bodily functions suddenly I was rendered mute while my lungs refused to inflate with air. My mind became dizzy as I drowned in those rich

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Jennifer Sullivan
So good. So so good. I literally love them so much. I didn’t think I could love them more than Quinn and Gunnar. But I totally do. Ace is the best ever
goodnovel comment avatar
Omg I love this. I love how they are together!
goodnovel comment avatar
Loved it ...

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