21. Strange Wedding Event

The sun is rising high in the east, and the house is starting to sound alive with its movements.

Airin finished cooking the vegetable soup and put it on the table. She likes breakfast with vegetable soup like this. Vegetables give her more energy when she has to work in the fields.

Footsteps were heard behind her. She turned her head and smiled at Ria, who had just entered the room.

“Ririn? You awake already?” she asked, looking surprised.

Airin refrained from making a questioning expression.

“Yes,” she said. “Come on, eat. Where are the others?”

Ria walked closer. “They’ll be here soon.”

“Hmm.” Airin took Ria a plate and then filled the rice.

“You’re not with Mas?” asked Ria.

Airin shook her head. “No,” she answered. Then after that, she heard Ria’s chuckle. Airin also smiled even though she knew there was nothing funny. “Why, Sis?”

“Ah, no. Maybe because of yesterday’s event, Mas must be tired. Usually, we are kept for three days with Mas. After that, we are not given out of the roo
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