Chapter 8: Beast Hall (2)

Waking up, I could see some vague figures hanging over my head. Brushing my eyes, I tried to make sense of what was happening. After some quick split-seconds, my memory was in order.

  I could remember fainting after seeing some hideous ladies in the kitchen. At the thought of this, I quickly surveyed the faces before me.

  Cousin Dorothy was with a much calmer and concerned expression. In fact, she even looked like she would cry if I continued staying motionless. Seeing my eyes meet hers, she took the moment to mouth ‘Sorry’. I tried smiling, but I was left with a panging feeling in my head. It seems like I'd struck my head hard when I fainted.

  “Hey, mademoiselle!” said Roy, with a shaky voice. I tried telepathic conversation with him, and it — surprisingly — worked out, without my raising more pain. I said, “Hey, buddy!”; he nodded in reply.

  Next was Uncle Ramsey. He had a serious, yet concerned, look on his face.


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