Chapter 11: Euphenic Call of the Deities

  “Soul Drenching Squirrels?” I frowned, taken aback.

  Back then when I'd encountered the Acorn Master, he had mentioned something about those beasts, but of course, not many details. Could those really be what he was speaking about?

  My attention was redirected to those five, giant squirrels descending from the mountains towards the men.

  That was not really what made me entirely surprised. What did, was the mighty bellow that came from the leading animal, causing the one-third remainder of the hundred men to be dispelled from the beguilement which Kira had made on them through the use of Animal and Spirit Brotherly Illusion.

  The remaining few of the hundred, on realising that they had been beguiled into killing one another, their eyes were filled with fury. One of the survivals was Derizante, he was entirely abashed by the situation, as he'd boasted indifference, previously, at Kira's threat.


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