Chapter 16: The Breakdown of Lu Peng (2)

  I looked at the door and realised that the beaming, red light from the door had moved from the first circle to the middle one. From what the person in the crowd had pointed at, it only comes to say that that signifies the second stage.

  I mouthed the number on the door, “Nineteen.”

  “It seems like Princess Lu Peng has begun the stage of beast identification!” someone else screamed in my ears.

  I turned to look at the person in disgust. It was Princess Feng Wu.

  She snorted, seeing my raised nose and corked brow.

  Just then, the door of the Beast Tamers Examination Hall was pushed open, recklessly.


  I turned around like everyone else.

  “Where's my girlfriend?” A young man's voice sounded behind me.

  Turning around, I saw a pair of searching eyes, and a pair of horns poking into the air over his head.

  “It's Young Master Jaiden!” someone whispered in suppressed agitation amongst t
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