Chapter 17: The Breakdown of Lu Peng (3)

  Going through the same procedure as Lu Peng, I was able to reactivate the door of the examination room, and as I stepped in, I felt as though I'd been teleported to a different world entirely.

  About me was a garden with lots of peculiar flowers with a brushing smell of vitality from it.

  Looking around me, I realised that there were no houses or buildings whatsoever. The only thing that stood was a grand wall designed with all types of carvings. My eyes lit up, immediately.

  “So this is the Wall of Puzzlement!”

  It had a nourishing aura coming from it that made one engulfed in a feeling of warmth. I was able to quickly put aside all the previous activities that replayed in my mind.

  Stepping forward, I observed the wall, and read out the first line of words on it.

  “In a world of distrust, who is your closest kin?”

  I shook my head in disbelief. Just what kind o

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