Chapter 19: Acorn Master's Visit

 Two days had already passed since I left the Beast Hall. Hence, I'd been able to achieve an in-depth knowledge in the Way of Beast Taming after having refined the knowledge I'd acquired of beast taming from the Beast Hall's Book Collection Vault, through constantly going through the library of informations in my head.

  Roy no longer shared a room with me. Uncle Ramsey had finally prepared a room specially for savage beasts, as he'd promised me he would. This also goes to say that my new savage beast, Little Wolfy, did not lack an accommodation as well.

  When I got back from the Beast Hall two days ago, and relayed the news of me beating those princesses to a duel and officially becoming a beast tamer, the whole house was struck dumb. Still, it only added to my “prowess” — well, as a genius, I can't really help it.

  About those two maids the other day, I'd finally been able to cremate my hypothesis. With the Eye of Insigh

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