Chapter 31: A Unique True Essence

Mystical Beast of Illusions' conjecture:

   “With my wordly understanding, a killing intent is a concentrated state of one's aura when one attempts to kill. It spreads out from one's body and, instead of the regular aura of a cultivator, aura of ill-will is sensed.

  “However, I cannot perceive any slipping out from you. The only thing I'm observing is just raw, unblemished true essence... so how can it feel so powerful? Unless... you're also gifted with a unique true essence able to transform itself to lethal poison with just a will of your thoughts!”

  Immediately after those words were said, as if on queue, Black Frost exclaimed, “You... you're a poison master?!”

  With the prior explanation from MBI, I wasn't too surprised at this declaration. At just a thought, I could make my true essence lethal... and as it is that true essence is invincible and intangible, it has no cure as well!


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