Chapter 51: Righteous Bullying

  “Armed robbers!”

  They were holding long, sharp swords, and gave off very frightening killing intent from their body. Their faces were masked, and a quick headcount told us they numbered fifteen in total.

  Just when I thought all my classmates would hide quickly beneath the tables, I heard a snicker.

  Zhangkong said with a bone-piercing smile. “What a coincidence! You're fifteen, we're fifteen too! You're bullying, we bullied some humongous savage beasts some days ago and need to really practice on humans.”

  Of course, the robbers were immediately attracted to us, since Zhangkong's voice was made loud just enough for everyone to hear, through the use of true essence.

  “He's right!” Since Zhangkong had already started it, who was I to back down. And by the way, we really hadn't faced real people to test our combat improvement. After all, who'd want to give himself off for a beating. Thus, wouldn't it be a on

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