It’s been two months since Siel showed up and since then, they were all staying at Thrascias Empire. Olive was in total turmoil and the whole First Rank suddenly hyped and motivated since they now have a clear path to take and actions to make. No more walking in darkness and critical investigations.

“Tell us about Seiron.” Venice commanded and Siel nodded.

“It was totally different compared to the past. Its glory all faded.”

“I see. The last time I went there was almost a decade ago.”

Siel gave Xieaniel a flash drive which he quickly scanned and presented. The Hall dimmed and they all focused on the huge screen.

“Taking pictures there was quite hard.” Siel mumbled and glanced at Olive who was grinding her teeth. The Elders who used to go there also have faces no one can paint.

“This was the place they now called, “The Small Village of Fear.” Siel said and hearing the name, Kate’s face soured.

“It was the only way through the main city and going to the base. This village is proof
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