Elias woke up with the sound of his phone beside him. He quickly picked it up and saw one of his men's names. He stood up and glanced at Siel who was still lying on her bed. It was four in the morning.


“Sir, you’re brother planning on ambushing and killing nobles.”

Elias’s eyes widened. “WHAT?!”

Siel flinched and her body quickly stood up without any delay. She just came back from Ashriel’s wedding and was tired from all the swaps she made with Ashriel.

“I think you must call Siel back, Sir. Or else she’ll be in danger.”

Elias eyebrows frown. “What? What do you mean?”

“I saw her entering Austere a moment ago, Sir. But since I couldn’t enter the city, I was not able to warn her.”

Elias froze for a moment and glanced at Siel who was alarmed. “Are you sure?”

“A hundred percent, Sir.”

“Very well. I’ll fetch her myself then.” Elias ended the call and before Siel could ever move, Elias pointed his gun at her.

“Who are you?” He asked with his crisp voice. Siel tossed h
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