Chapter 36 LOYALTY

The two handsome men took their brusque steps towards Zadkiel’s lift after bidding their goodbyes to Mariella. He moved aside as he let his lover enter the elevator first before the CEO himself followed next. He hit the button towards the lobby and leaned on the metallic wall lazily.

He began to stare at his lover who was standing across him meaningfully while biting his lower lip. For some reason, he couldn't take his eyes off the man that he declared as his own. He wants him pretty badly! His desire to have the man was spiking up just like his strange emotion did to him!

Arkael squinted his green eyes feeling uncomfortable being stared at his guy like that. “Stop that love...” he hissed shifting on his spot. What's the matter with this guy? Why was he kept on staring at him like he was going to devour h

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