Chapter 12

Alanis POV

I open my eyes, and I am alone. Alpha Sebastian is not here. I get out of his bed slowly.  I feel like last night was a dream. Being with him makes me happy. I walk through the kitchen looking for him, but he is not in the house. I wonder where he went without telling me. Well, he is the Alpha; he does not have to tell me anything.

I notice a man who I think is Raul standing outside the front door. Why do I have a guard? Did something happen? I hear some talking and see Alpha Sebastian out on the front porch. I am waiting for him. I do not want to go out, and I only have on his shirt. It would not be appropriate for me to go out like this.

I watch him from the kitchen talking to Raul. He finally comes into the house to speak with me. I wrap my arms around him and realize immediately that something is wrong. "What is it? What is going on?" I ask him.

Alpha Sebastian hesitates. I can te

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