Chapter 11

Since the day she discovered the hidden safety locker, Aesthelia has been wandering around the mansion every night, desperately trying to find another hint and some strange things that might actually benefit her. She's hoping for such a diary to appear out of nowhere.

She examined in every corners of her room for something like the key. Everything else on the floor belonged to her. As either a result, the key must be concealed somewhere.

Aesthelia was startled by a knock. When Aesthelia realized it was already morning, she gasped. She didn't get any sleep.

Aesthelia quickly did what needed to be done, and the next thing she knew, she was in the carriage on her way to meet the high-ranking wolves. Days had already passed when she was demoted to omega rank, well, temporarily. The hearing was delayed so many times that it got to the point where Aesthelia received harsh treatment and even death threats each day.

It's interesting how quickly those people s

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