Chapter 24

The sound of someone running, the fallen branches that were being stepped on as a white she-wolf was indeed in a rush, ran the fastest it could. 

A strong wind blew on the wolf's face, making her howl as she experienced this new feeling. It felt like more than just running. Her insides were tingling with excitement as she thought that it was amazing. She felt somehow free. 

She always wondered why the other wolves liked transforming so much, even if they did not need to. At first, it felt like hell, but now that she thinks about it, It's worthwhile enough. 

The white wolf came to a halt when she saw the group of werewolves gathering near the territory's borderline. 

Everyone turned their eyes on that white she-wolf and gasped in surprise once they recognized who it was. 

"Aesthelia?" Someone asked. 

Their eyes widened as they gazed at her wolf form. Everyone seemed to be dazed, as if a rare wolf was here.

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