Chapter 56: The Curse

The strategic defense of Aesthelia is like an iron wall. No vampires could pass through, and by the time Aesthelia decided to go—it started crumbling a little. The absence of a strategist made the team hesitate.

"Keep pushing, warriors!" Flo shouted, which made everyone snap out of it. He took over coaching immediately.

Flo quickly stood on his feet as he transformed back. As a beta, it is his obligation to lead.

"Do as he says," Marie commanded her fellow-humans.

Marie grabbed the sword. She was about to go, to protect her lady, but Flo intervened and said, "Marie, snap out of it."

When Flo touches Marie, a flash of spark flows through him. He knew at that moment that Marie was his mate.

The sudden realization took him seconds as his eyes drowned deep in his own mate's eyes. He momentarily forgot the situation they were in— not until Marie struggled to get out of his touch.

"Aesthelia has the blessing." She can defeat him. " Flo stated, and he added, "You are much needed here to k
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