Chapter 59: End

They stood there in silence. No one dared utter a single word. They were waiting for someone to break that silence.

Gior was staring at Aesthelia. It had been so long since the last time he stared at that beauty. He lasted a year and it killed him, but now, he could feel himself tearing up in happiness as he once again met her and was reminded by her face. He did not forget her. Gior smiled as he laid his arms wide open, waiting for a warm hug from Aesthelia. Even though they were two Aesthelia, he recognized the one that he had come to love and the one who transmigrated into their world.

Aesthelia, who got teary-eyed, rushed over to Gior and asked, "How did you get here?"

"Love finds its way," Gior answered vaguely as he kissed her forehead.

The one thing he always imagined he must have done, he always regretted how he didn't cherish her.

"I thought that the Alpha wouldn't change," The other Aesthelia stepped up with her arms crossed, and when she noticed that all eyes were on her, s
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