6-Being the CEO


"I am Ava Ryan Howard. Heiress to Forever Events with Randolph." I announced.

The look on Mr. Jayson's face was priceless.

I mean who would have expected the nerdy looking job applicant to be the sophisticated heiress of the company. I wouldn't even believe it if I were him but that's who I am, isn't it? 

It's take over time, I thought.

Taking off my glasses, I dialed Tracy's number while removing the band that held my hair in a tight bun, allowing my black hair fall effortlessly on my shoulder while I watched Jayson cringe in his seat.

"Ava." Tracy's voice came up on the phone 

"Tracy, can you come to the manager's office with his letter of termination and all the account details from the company to his account within an hour?" 

"Sure, I'll be on my way." She answered. I didn't miss the excitement in her voice before she ended the call. 

Jayson was sweating profusely and his face had suddenly turned pale, drained of any form of color 

"How inhumane it is of you to plan such an atrocity with the position you've been entrusted with?" I demanded. 

If the laws were in my hands, I'd make him beg crawling and crying his eyes out on the streets and in the cold. 

"Please Ava, you don't need to do it this way." He begged but my mind was made up .

I jutted my lip out in a fake pout and tilted my head to the side, "Has anybody told you how ugly you looked when you cry?" 

"I was only joking!" He cried. 

Joking, really? What an incredibly convincing excuse.

"How funny did I find that?" I taunted him, acting as though I was in deep thoughts.

"Not funny at all." 

A knock on the door stopped me from taunting him any further. I sighed and called for them to enter.

Tracy walked in smiling at me with a pile of paper files in her hands. She stopped beside me, handing the file over to me. 

"I want all the money in this account transferred back to the companies account within one day." I paused to make sure what I had said was understood. 

I continued, "The official properties in the custody of Mr. Jayson must be withdrawn before the end of today." 

I glared at him, "On no condition should he set foot in this company ever, I hope I've made a point." I declared, referring to Tracy who nodded in response.

Ignoring the pleas of Mr. Jayson, I stood up from the chair. I made my way to the door but stopped in my tracks and turned to Tracy.

"Schedule a board meeting in the next two hours, I'd love to address the board." Shifting my gaze from Tracy to Jayson whose head was bent downwards, 

"Mr. Jayson." I called, trying to get his attention.

When he lifted his head to look at me, I noticed his face was covered with shades of pink and tears but that would not be enough to change my mind. Shaking every form of emotion that was slowly creeping up on me as this wasn't the time to turn an enemy into an ally

"You're officially fired!" I declared.

If there's anything life has taught me, being tough and never letting my emotion cloud my judgement were one of them. His tears will not faze me.

Walking out of the office with Tracy walking closely behind me, I took off my blazers and entered the office my dad had occupied and tons of memories came rushing in all at once. I felt like I was going to break down so I sent Tracy out to prepare for the meeting. I didn't want to show weakness in her presence.

The moment she left, I sat on the chair my dad had used and cried. Even when I tried, the tears wouldn't stop. They kept pouring from the corners of my eyes and streaming down my flushed cheeks. I held my palm against my mouth to muffle the sobs that forced their way to the surface. 

My dad's death had been mysterious, so mysterious that fingers were pointing everywhere. The police had promised to get to the root of his death and it's been two years. Two years since he got involved in that car crash because his car had lacked brakes. His brand new Range Rover lacked brakes! How is that even possible? I was sure someone had tampered with them and I hope will soon be revealed.

Regaining my composure, I assessed most of the files arranged in the shelf of his office. Each of them showed good records of the companies activities from when it was started, depending on the title on the file which ranged from weddings, birthdays, gala nights and more. 

My phone beeped two hours later. I glanced down at the phone to see it was a text from Tracy. She was done with the arrangements and the staff were all seated in the conference room waiting.

Leaving the office, I went down the hall to the restroom to wash my face and put some fresh makeup on. 

I won't want to address my staff looking like a haggard, tattered damsel in distress. I needed them to respect me like they respected my father. This was insanely important to me.

After I was done I stared at my face in the mirror. I forced myself to smile. It almost looked believable. If I hadn't known myself better, I may not have noticed the pain hidden behind my eyes., I walked towards the conference room. 

I was surprised at the large number of staff, almost equal numbers of male and female folks. 

A voice in my head advised me to run but where would that leave me? I definitely don't want to be tagged as a coward, especially now that I'll be the CEO.

"Good day ladies and gentlemen," I began addressing them, standing at the end of the long table as all heads in the room turned towards my direction.

"My name is Ava Randolph. I am the heiress to this company," they all gasped. I was about to ask why the sudden reaction, the sound of hands clapping in unison erupted in the room. 

A real smile spread over my face in satisfaction at how happy they were to finally meet me.

"I will officially start in the office tomorrow and to that effect, I want the summary of the activities of every department during the past two years sent to my office before noon tomorrow." I paused, studying their expressions.

I never even knew I had a bossy side somewhere in me. I guess tough times bring them out...

"Just so you'd know, your manager has been sacked and shouldn't be seen around the company. If he is, you are to inform the security immediately." 

"It's about time." A blonde lady said, making everyone chuckle.

"I'll be retaining my dad's office, and I'm also asking for your cooperation to put this company back on its feet. Have a wonderful day." I finished, excusing them.

I was about to leave the room when they all stood up, applauding me. I smiled again and gave them a small nod before going to my office. I felt a sudden sense of overwhelming satisfaction and accomplishment. Maybe this will work out.

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