Few years ago, my life was in total chaos, like a roller coaster that only goes up -non stop- despite the yelling and crying of those in it, it just keeps going up and without control.

However, when I thought I was all done for, the heavens decided to open up and smile on me once more, dusting off the dirt that I had been decorated with and coating me with happiness, a kind I had never felt before.

I once never had anything aside my daughter, Melissa, but now with my head raised high, I could beat my hand on my chest and brag about a family, my husband and four beautiful children.

"Morning mama." My second child Madison greeted me and planted a kiss on my chin while I was placing her meal on the dining table.

"Slept well?" I asked her while caressing her round face and she smiled while nodding her head but I could tell that her attention was more on the scrambled eggs on her plate than on me. She is a complete foodie and sometimes I fear that I may run out
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Alejos Loi
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Hellen Brax
I have to say thank you for such a wonderful book I enjoyed it so much from start to finish
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such a great story ... ... ... loved it just a perfect ending
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