From now on we are sworn brothers

After having their fill they went back to the sitting room to watch a program on the Television. 

" Did you get into college at all or you just stopped at only high school".

" Only high school" He said with his face facing his toes because of shame.

" No need to feel ashamed about anything" He assured him.

" I will arrange for a home teacher for you to start teaching from Monday. She will teach you things from the first year of college, I am also in the first year but we have gone far for you to catch up. So after the teaching anything you don't understand ask me then I will explain".

" Ok Feibai, thank you so much may I will forever be grateful to you" Yeqing thanked and assured him.

Eventually Monday came and he started his lessons, they both helped each other when needed and Feibai made his papers during the end of year exams. When it was time for the second year resumption, the university did not give Yeqing admission because

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