Do you prefer staying in my room

After being in danger once whenever she was grabbed suddenly she always feels scared and alert, although she feels extremely safe around him it would take a while to get used to his presence. Kissing for a while now she was already out of breath and could not tolerate it any longer and hit him on the chest to stop but he refused, he just wanted to swallow her whole. It was only after hitting him a few times before he finally let her go, After their stroll he decided to drop her at her house that was when he checked the time and was surprised that it was way past midnight already. Contemplating for a while he suggested she stayed at his place as it was already too late to disturb the elders not knowing their parents were wide awake and had no intention of sleeping again.  

  When they arrived at his Villa the servants were left awestruck by her beauty, they thought she was 'another' girl their master fancied and their boss was no longer interested in the girl he

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