6 - Red Lingers...

Brie pulled Adam to his feet. He swept Melissa off the floor, her golf club slipping and clunking on the floor loudly.

The man lunged at the noise, missing greatly as the group broke into a run towards the storage room. However far it was didn't matter as Adam led the way, trying each door he found in hopes it was unlocked.

Finally, they came across an unlocked door with lights blaring from inside. Adam burst into it desperately and slammed the door behind him. Brie fumbled for the lock and glanced around the room urgently, scanning for a chair or heavy object.

Her brother gripped onto a table on the other side of the room, tilting his head to motion Brie to help him. Together, they pushed it into the door just in time, scraping it across the floor as a loud slam came from the other side of the door.

As Brie had a second to focus, she looked around the room to realize it was the surveillance room. Wi

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