9 - Boredom Strikes

Days passed, however, nothing too interesting seemed to occur. The world had fallen silent. The internet, which was once buzzing with information and panic, had also died. Without communication, the group seemed lost. They were getting weaker as their rations grew slim.

Brie sat in the office chair of their new hideout. She spun around slowly, deep in thought. Soon enough, the power in this place would run short and they'd be engulfed in darkness, but how long did they have? Brie wanted to leave. She longed to find a group surrounded by protection. That usually happened in the movies.

"Adam?" She pressed a foot to the ground and halted her spinning briefly. He turned his head from where he was sat, carving into the floor with a pocket knife. Below his hand, he'd drawn tally marks of the days that had passed. He finished his line, cutting through and marking a 'seven'.

"Drama queen." Brie teased as he stood and pouted.

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