The Handwriting On The Wall

    "Are you threatening me right now, your highness? No, wait. You are threatening me. Wait until Caden hears about it"

The queen was getting more riled up by the second. She couldn't understand why Hazel was so immune to her. She hated it. Evey other person in the palace was completely under her control. Everyone but Yuka and Hazel. She was frustrated. Since she couldn't get either of them to fear her, she was pissed.

"I have a hunch that you stole the Sceptre. But since I have no proof, I'm going to let that slide.... for now.

You want to act all tough and fearless. That's fine by me. Maybe, just maybe, you're going to end up six feet below the ground sooner than I thought" the queen said and walked away. Hazel glared at the Queen's retreating figure even though, deep down she was worried.

Prince Caden was boiling with anger by the time he arrived right in front of the door of Yuka's chamber. He

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My new favorite! Characters are fantastic and the plot is amazing!

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