Breaking Free

She'd been staring at empty space, zoning out most of the time. She wanted to pretend that she was trapped in some sort of nightmare, especially with the chains binding her limbs. The dungeon was cold and the only source of light in the place, was a couple of light blue crystals that glowed dimly in the dark.

She thought about everything that had led right up to this moment, her stomach churning with unease. The large gate of the dungeon was pushed open and she heard the tell tale sounds of high heels hitting the ground.

Clenching her fists, Hazel took a deep breath. She only cared about Yuka's safety. She was dying to know if he'd made it out of the palace, alive. That was the only thing that mattered to her, despite the fact that she was at a risk of being murdered or possibly tortured to death.

"Hazel Spiers" the queen drawled, an amused look on her face. The blue crystals in the dungeon began to glow even brighter, in the presence of the queen.

The queen of Silvera made her
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