The Return Pt.2

Quadam, Galactican capital.

"I don't understand. How is this possible?" Yuka croaked and the red haired woman began to walk towards his bedside. She dropped down to her knees, the tears now making their way down her cheeks.

"Forgive me, Yuka. Forgive me for being late" she said and Yuka curled up into a ball, his back to her. He clutched at his chest as pain ripped through him. Childhood memories slithered their way into his mind. He thought of how miserable he'd been, as a child. He thought of the number of times he was accused of murdering his mother. He thought of the nightmares and the trauma. He thought of his loneliness and the fact that he'd been forced to grow up too quickly. It was all because his mother had left him alone right after he was born. How was he supposed to process the fact that she was still alive and had left him to survive on his own?

The pain in his heart swelled to the point where he was gasping for air. His chest felt like it was being compressed and no ma
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