Chapter 6

I felt calm, and safe as Theodore looked into my eyes. He would protect me, even though I had horns and different colored eyes? I have always been different, but my family did not care. They were the only ones to accept me for me, and now they are gone… but now there's this angel. He says he knows who I am… but does he really? I just met this guy… could I really trust him with my life? His silver eyes made me want to believe him. To trust him. 

“And who am I?” I asked, looking at him, pleading in my eyes. I had never wanted to know who I was or who my parents were, but now that I am alone, my family gone, I wanted… no, I needed to know. He let go of my chin, then turned around. He walked to the door, and opened it.

“It’s better you don’t know. I will be back.” He turned to face me with one foot out the door.


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