Chapter 7

At the bottom of the stairs stood a woman dressed in black, kneeling on one knee. Her head was down, facing the floor. She was dark skinned, and had a cat tail and ears. She wore clothes I had never seen before. They were tight, unlike mine, and showed her figure. 

“Princess!” She spoke with power in her voice. It was like she was speaking to God himself. She looked up, and I saw them. The cole black eyes the other demon had. I took a step back.

“I am here to bring you back home. Your cover has been blown and it is no longer safe for you above ground.” In that incense, Theodore came into the shop. He was fast. One minute at the door, the next by my side.

“And what can you do to protect her? Not a thing! Isn’t that why she is up here in the first place? Because Luc

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