Chapter 11

10 years have passed. The year 890 b.c. Deveen turned out to be really smart on top of his cuteness. With Theodore baking in the morning before we trained, and Jamira keeping orders done, all Deveen had to do was greet customers and run the register. Not many people read and write so the signs had a picture with the name of the place. On the commoner side of the capital I got picture orders, having to guess what the customer wanted, but here on the rich side, people can read and write. We had a drop box where people could place an order. It was Jamira's idea. She said me delivering orders by teleporting could help me focus more, and practice not being seen. We also trained on stacks of hay at the field. My goal was to burn the hay without burning what's around it. We started off with a pile, and it got smaller and smaller till it was a strand of hay. Theodore had me practice not using my fire, but instead a ball of light that burned t

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