Chapter 22

I laid in bed, listening to Jamira and Theodore put the kids to bed. The baby boy laid beside me. I had him wrapped in my arms. We have not bought the extra beds yet, and since it was the kids first night in their own beds, and rooms… Jamira slept with the twins in her bed, and Theodore sat in a chair, watching over Tempest as he slept. Theodore says it is a choice for an angel to sleep. I wandered over and over about the gift from God that Theodore spoke of to no avail of the answer. All I could think about was the children. I hoped for the future together, and I prayed that I could change their lives for the better. I laid in bed, thinking for some time. When I looked out my window, the sky was dark. Lights filled the sky. The moon is hidden by darkness. It was pitch black outside. I got up, unable to sleep. The baby, too, was unable to sleep. He laid on my chest… eyes wide open. He did not make a sound. His eyes just stared at me. 

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