Chapter 32

It was 8 in the evening and I was driving my car, with Sunshine in the passenger seat. We had a lot to talk about and the office building wasn't exactly the right place for that discussion so I invited her over for dinner.

I still couldn't believe Alice didn't remember anything about that night. It was so real, so unforgettable; but apparently, not for her. What did I think? She would wake up and blush and pick up where we had left the night before.

"What are you thinking?" Sunshine asked, breaking my chain of thoughts.

"Nothing much," I said, passing her a smile.

Once we reached my apartment, I unlocked the door with the spare keys and led her inside. "Don't mind these two weird creatures who just cuddle all day and eat snacks." I motioned towards Isaiah and Kylie busy watching another one of their chick flicks.

"Hello to you too, my dear friend," Isaiah said.

"Don't mind us, we will be in my bedroom," I said and led Sunshine through the lo

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