38- Family?

"What is your name?" She shouts at me. 

"Axel, yours?" 

"Victoria Nash of the Cresent moon pack." 

"Wait? Are you?" 

"yes, it appears I am your sister." She doesn't take her eyes off of me. 

"Standdown! We found him!" She shouts.

"Come, father wants to see you." She orders like she isn't used to anyone saying no to her. 

"No, sorry, I need to get Killian to the infirmary, and I need to check on my mate." I run over to Killian. He's lost consciousness. I shake him try to wake him up. 

"STOP, it's no use. ELENA, COME!" An older woman walks over, places her hands on Killian's body, and I watch, and she heals him. 

"Are you a witch?" I ask, and she just nods without speaking. 

Killian starts to stir, waking up. 

"Killian! You alright, man?" Still shaking him a bit, his eyes widen a bit. 

"what happened?" Killian looks around at all the wolves. 

"That was me. Sorry, I bit you a

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