44- The Truth


I woke up alone in Maddox condo in Death Valley. I tried mind linking Maddox and got nothing. What was he really up to? I know we got what we needed from Bonnie, so we planned on leaving Devon alone. So, where could he be? I wandered around the condo snooping through drawers and looking at bookshelves. The apartment was so different from his room at the packhouse. Everything was on display like his secret hideaway. I went to reach for the door handle at the end of the hall when I heard the front door open, and I could smell coffee and donuts. I went running to the smell. Ever since Star surfaced, I can smell everything. I reach for my coffee and a giant powdered donut.

"Where have you been all morning?" I scolded him as I shoved a huge bite of donut in my mouth.

"WOAH, slow down their killer. I had no idea you could fit that much anything in that tiny mouth." He winked and laughed at me, which earned him a smack on the arm.

"It's not that I cant

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