Chapter Nine


Staring at Theo during his set is probably more than I should be allowed to do, but I indulged anyway. Now that I’ve gotten to spend a few hours with him, I’m latching onto the slightest possibility of us dating. Or seeing each other again.

His accent is posh, and all his mannerisms are too, but I find myself relating to the things he says. Despite our wildly different backgrounds, he’s still figuring out who he wants to be. He’s a little lost, but that’s okay. I can be his company, as long as he wants me there.

“Hey,” Rose taps my hand, and holds her drink up to my face,  “Try this cocktail. It’s insane.”

I grin at her and take a sip directly from her straw, “Oh wow, the peaches are really coming out. Lovely,”

She laughs, and she’s pretty. Her long hair flows down her shoulders and back like a silky curtain, and her eyes are sparkling now. I do not doubt that she deserves to find someone who cherishes her and wants to try every singl

Marie A. Ciner

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