Goodbye world

Slowly I looked at the voice. 

A tall man with a lean figure was standing below the tree, staring at me with his head tilted slightly towards the left. 

It was not hard for me to recognize that brown jacket and the beanie. 

The light peeking through the leaves was falling unevenly on his face.

"No, I...I am with a friend," I tried to lie while keeping an eye on him.

He gave a short laugh and scratched his beard with long dark nails.

"A friend you say. Where is this friend?"

My heart started beating faster as he took a step forward.

"He is waiting for me and if I did not get there in five minutes he will come here with other people."

He paused on his spot like he was thinking if I was telling him the truth or not.

"You are lying," he finally said.

I started thinking of every possible way to get out of there, "Wait here for five minutes and you will get the proof."

He shook his he

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