If something happened

There was no reason for me to feel the cold sharp needles whenever I saw Amber with Damien. But I couldn't ignore them, no matter how much I tried.

Amber became the life of the house, nothing was silent whenever she was around, The silence of the breakfast was filled with her stories about what she did or something about Damien.

Damien barely said anything but he would avoid looking at me whenever she was around and I could understand the reason. Amber was the most perfect girl I had seen in my life, whether it was her flawless tanned skin, her expensive clothes hugging her curves to enhance the beauty, her curly hair which seemed to be styled by her personal hairstylist. 

"Silver, please don't put your elbows on the table," Silver acted like he did not hear the words and continued eating.

I was done eating breakfast and needed some fresh air. 

The garden surrounded the three-story mansion, the small trees were given different shapes all

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