Over the course of time, I learned a few things about werewolves.

They lived in packs and the pack had a leader called alpha, the second in command was called the beta, and the third gamma. 

There was not much information about the royals in any of the books. They did not interfere with the working of the packs but if two packs were having serious problems then the royals would take their decision and it would be the last decision.

I needed to ask Ruhee for more books. She knew things but was reluctant about telling me any information that Damien might not like. Books were the loophole in this case.

I stretched my arms and closed the book. The birds were chirping a melody together outside which put a smile on my lips instantly. 

Feeling bored, I decided to spend some time out in the garden. Ruhee was nowhere to be found and I was sure Amber had something to do with it. Amber might have asked her to do something and knowing Ruhee she could

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