Twisted game

I went to the dining hall silently without glancing in Damien's direction but I could feel his eyes following me like a hawk. 

Without acknowledging him I sat down in front of Silver, who was too busy with his food to pay attention towards anyone.

"Silver, at least chew your food," Amber's rich voice came, who was sitting next to Damien with a fruit bowl in front of her.

Silver put a big bite of pancake in his mouth while looking at Amber with a mocking smile. 

"Real mature of you."

Silver's plate was nearly empty, he picked up a pea and threw it at Amber which hit her between the forehead earning a growl.

"Enough, both of you," Damien said lazily as he took a bite of his breakfast.

Silver gave a short laugh as he stood up ready to leave giving me a wink.

I gave him a smile in return.

There was one empty seat between me and Amber but I could clearly see her hand moving upward on Damien's thigh slowly. She was l

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