Not good enough

"I am so sorry."

I tried to balance myself by taking the support of the wall, "It is fine."

"No, I should have been more careful considering how important this is but it was kinda hard to see where I was going."

I stared at the beautiful girl approximately 6 feet tall with rich sun-kissed skin, the raven hair reached her shoulders with the turquoise ends grabbing all my attention. I always wanted to try something bold like that.

Her green eyes were focusing on the dress she was carrying, it was completely wrapped making it hard to see what kind of dress was inside. 

But it must be a gown as she was having difficulty carrying it.

"Can I help you?" I asked the girl who was lifting the dress high above her head.

"I am looking for Amber," she tried to give a smile but it came out strained, "this is for her, and I can't let anything happen to this otherwise my boss would freak out."

Before I could point her in the right directi

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