Game's over

I knocked on the door and waited for the response while holding my breath. 

"Eleanor, what a lovely surprise," grandpa said in his gruff voice with no sign of emotions on his face.

I gave him a tight smile. 

"Are you here to apologize for your barbaric behavior?" 

I bit my tongue to stop myself from giving him a remark that would not be good for my plan. 

"I am sorry for my behavior, grandpa."

I tried to make the words believable but from his squinted eyes I had a feeling I was not much successful. 

"Very well, if you don't mind I am in a hurry." 

He closed the door and started taking quick steps. 

I didn't stop him and continued following him, "I know I have made you very upset in the last few days but I want to make up for that."

"You are wrong my child, it is not the last few days it is the last few years."

I rolled my eyes but kept walking knowing very well where he wa

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I loved the twist. AMAZING!!
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Juicy Miss
OMG!!! WOW!!! Didn't see that coming!!

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