I am great at following rules

"You little..."

"Father, enough...I am ashamed to call you my father. How could you murder a child?" mom yelled furiously. It was the first time I saw her raising her voice at anyone.

"No. It is all her doing," he pointed his finger at me, "she is on their side, she is working for the filthy creatures. It is their plan. they want to destroy us."

Grandpa was trying to make everyone believe his words, his voice held urgency as he stared at everyone begging with his eyes to believe in him.

"It is not about sides. I just don't want innocents to die....innocents like Adam. The fight between the hunters and werewolves was over ten years ago and you are just trying to start it again. They are not bad people, they have suffered the loss too," but my words meant nothing to him. There was only hatred in his eyes as he looked at me.

I inhaled a long breath, "I have lived with them, if they were bad I would be dead a long time ago but those people did everythi

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I'm worried about Nora... and how could she trust faith?? she is a hunter...
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Juicy Miss
Why would she take Faith? She should just call him. Even if she didn't take his number, I'm sure Ruhee knows it!!

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