The Lucifer's Bride (English Ver.)
The Lucifer's Bride (English Ver.)
Author: Alvern Gyan


A demon with goat's horns and black wings on its back was sitting in his chamber. His breathtaking feature, covered by a thin cloth at the waist, exposed his sexy upper body. On either side of him, two succubi were groping his masculine frame, but he seemed not to care and lost in thought while sipping the crimson liquid from a grail.

“You look bored, My Lord,” said one of the succubus.

“Hmm,” he mumbled. Endless boredom stroke him these few hundred years, made him feel in need of entertainment.

“Isn’t there anything to cheer me up?” he sighed.

“How about you play with me? I offer myself up so you can have fun, My Lord.” The succubus drew closer, and a grin appeared on the demon’s gorgeous face.

“Hm, come here. Please me, I won’t forgive you if you can’t entertain me, understand?”

“Ah~ Yes, My Lord.” The succubus’ body trembled at the vicious gaze laced with passion from him.

She climbed onto him and bit her lips when her master’s raging part was inside; she was feeling full as pleasure hit her. The energy she received was too strong and dark, yet it was legit and refreshing, making her head spinning in lust.

“Ah~ My Lord~”

The other succubus, who had only been watching while playing with her master cloth, theirs play affected her. Her body heated and craved for the same pleasure.

“My Lord,” said the succubus with a lustful face.

“Come here.”

The succubus carried his command out. She brought her body close to him, touching him with sensual movements. Her lips clinging to his tan skin, as she gave kisses on it.

“Go on,” he groaned in a low voice.

The two succubi were getting more and more excited to give him pleasure. Their master’s body that now drenched in sweat, glistened golden in the dim candle rays, making them tremble and expect his climax.

“Ah~ oh ... My Lord.” The succubus that was moving right above his body screamed for mercy as great energy poured into her body. Her face showed a sense of pleasure and satisfaction that made her think she was in heaven, a place she would never set foot in.

He smirked and wet his dark red lips. His eyes gleamed as his desire grow hotter.

“Again, satisfy me again.”

One succubus that had yet to get a shot of energy from him positioned herself. She plunged her master’s hard shaft into her lower body with no difficulty.

“Ah~ My Lord.” She let out a moan as currents like electricity surged through her core. She moved up and down to absorb his energy. While enjoying the succubus’ flirtation, he noticed a substantial power from the human world under his control. His brows furrowed, but the corners of his lips pulled up.

He soon ended the pleasurable act, and let his energy smash into the succubus’ body. Then, waiting no longer, he got up, and put away the two succubi by his side, exhausted after serving his lust.

In an instant, he moved to the human world. His black robe fluttered haughtily in the wind. His position on the roof of a tall building made it easy for him to look around. A wide smile rose when he saw his prey caught in his eyes.

Again, he used teleportation power. By now, he was standing quietly in the room's corner. Apart from him, there were three humans and one angel there.

His attention was entirely on the tiny baby, who was gazing in awe at the angel with pure white wings on its back. The angel handed a Lily flower beside the baby’s head.

“Oh ... It’s rare to see Gabriel’s descent to the human world.”

“And what are you doing here, Lucifer?” The angel suddenly appeared in front of the figure named Lucifer.

“I’d rather you called me Leon than Lucifer.”

“I don’t care, Lucifer.”

“For an angel, you’re too annoying, Gabriel.”

Gabriel snorted lazily.

“What are you doing here, Demon?” he asked again, the same question.

“Just visiting.”

“You’re not a demon that comes just to visit.”

“Ah ... you’re right.” Leon smiled.

“I came because of the baby. Her soul is too pure, white, and radiant, and it sucks.” He pointed at the tiny baby. His face turned dark as he said those words.

“I do not care about your worries.”

“You ... are annoying, more annoying than Raphael and Michael.”

Whoosh ...

Gabriel drew a long sword with Lily ornament on the hilt around Leon’s neck. Black blood flowed from the wound. He chuckled, not affected by the disrespectful attitude Gabriel showed him.

“How dare you call the Archangels by their name?!” Gabriel hissed.

Leon got rid of the blade that aimed at him with ease. Just a snap of a finger, and he pushed the angel quite a distance away.

“Careful, young man,” he said, in a sharp tone of warning. His hand shook as if to remove the invisible dust from his body.

Not wanting to provoke a bigger commotion, Gabriel left after receiving a telepathic call from Archangel Michael, without saying goodbye or parting words.

“You bastard! No manners,” said Leon as he got closer to the baby who was still holding a single of Lily in her hand. The flower that symbolises a holy soul.

The baby’s tiny hands tried to reach Leon’s fingers, but he couldn’t let her. It’d dangerous for him to approach a pure newborn baby, especially with all the blessings she received from God.

“We’ll see each other again someday, Little Baby.”

Her holy soul tempted Leon to taint it, but he restrained himself. Now is not the right time. There were important things to do. His gaze fell on the baby’s father. He grinned when he saw a big black dot lingering in the man’s soul.

“Ah ... that human is falling into the darkness.”

Then, the seductions and sweet whispers from Leon began to the holy baby’s father, Barend, to where he believed his baby was not his actual daughter.

Leon contributed to making Barend have the desire to kill his wife and biological daughter. He also planted the seeds of arrogance, allowing the foolish man to believe that he did not need God’s generosity.

“Humans are frail creatures,” he muttered.


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