4. Runaway

“You will move to the western building for the time being according to Master’s order,” the butler said to Felen, who was indifferent to her surroundings.

“Yes...” said Felen, agreeing to the exile.

Since then, Felen no longer lived in the main building, but in the west building, close to the servants’ quarters. Barend restricted her from visiting the main building. He isolated her from the outside world. Not knowing what was going on besides her golden cage.

Including Aghnya condition, who was in her room under strict guard. Felen believed being confined was better than having to witness Barend’s affection for Abelard, where she became the forgotten party, monotonous life without conflict. However, Barend crushed her expectation when he called her at certain times to meet with Abelard. Last, his anger became a dessert that she had to taste.

This continued until Felen stepped into adulthood. Happened until it made her bored and sick at the same time. She thought living like that would continue, but Aghnya came on the day of her Debutante’s party, changed all of them.

Aghnya, which Felen had not seen for a long time, appeared and gave important information that Barend intended to kill Aghnya and Felen so as not to become a nuisance that might destroy his plans. She didn’t want to admit it because even though Barend often punished him for the little things she did, his father still showed concern as a parent should do.

However, seeing Aghnya’s deplorable appearance, her doubts about her mother’s words disappeared. The look in Aghnya’s and her voice full of firmness made Felen sure that his mother wasn’t lying. Especially after she heard about Abelard’s mother’s arrival at his Debutante’s party, she no longer had reasons to refuse her mother’s will to run away together.

“We’d better get out of here before your father’s men come to kill us,” said Aghnya in a calm voice. However, she felt panic. The information that Aghnya overheard at the last moment made her not have much time to prepare. So she prepared nothing at all. Feelings of wanting to protect and save Felen drove her recklessness.

Although the plan was not well prepared, she had already thought about the best choice she could make for now. That is to go to his parent ’ best friend's residence at the forest border, hide for a while, then go deep into the countryside where Barend is impossible to find them.

“Mom, do we need something to bring? But there’s nothing important here.” Felen looked panicked as she looked around the room she had lived in for about five years since Barend had exiled her.

“No need. Mom has brought something important that we might need later.” Aghnya shows a medium-sized pocket that is at the waist. A pouch containing some jewels and gems for their needs. After that, they ran out in a hurry. Past the maids who were lying unconscious on the floor because of the brutal actions of Aghnya when she barged in.

Felen, who saw that, could only grimace, then apologised in her heart. She felt a little guilty even though she wasn’t the one who hurt them. Meanwhile, the golden-eyed black cat, who was quietly watching Aghnya and Felen from behind the darkness, displayed a satisfied grin. His plan was going as planned. The cat even seemed to sigh proudly at the achievements he had made. Then, unexpectedly, by the black cat that was Lucifer’s artificial form-- The Strongest Demon King, another figure appeared and interrupted his time in observing Felen.

“Yo, Lucifer, my dear brother,” said the man with blood-red hair. The black cat’s ears twitched when he heard the annoying voice of the demon who was his best friend, Satan— The Avatar of Wrath. Lucifer’s cat aura grew darker and gloomy. He disliked Satan, who he did not expect to appear. “You seem to enjoy your game, eh?” He ignored Satan’s statement as if the demon’s presence didn’t exist.

Annoyed at being thought of as an invisible being, Satan touched Lucifer’s cat cheek many times until the cat couldn’t help but turn its head with its bright round eyes glaring in disgust. He hissed disapprovingly. The cat’s sharp claws scratched his arm, giving a long carving that now adorns the back of Satan’s hand.

“Hey...! So sensitive,” complained him with a sad face.

“Go away.” Lucifer’s cat, which used to only meow, now used a masculine sound.

“Ah... you don’t want to share your fun even a little?”

“No, so find or make your fun,” said the black cat as he walked away to follow Felen and Aghnya.

Satan chuckled with a wide smile on his lips. His eyes even formed a crescent shape, showing that he was quite amused, although not sure what exactly he was laughing at. “Hm, have fun. Hopefully, the game you created doesn’t turn against you, O my dear brother.” Satan’s words are full of mockery.

The human body Lucifer had seen earlier slowly cracked and shattered like glass, then the wind blew them like fallen leaves. As Satan’s presence disappeared, rushing footsteps heard from a distance. The cat Lucifer, who was walking leisurely past the group of men dressed in black who came to kill Felen and Aghnya, chuckled over them. The demon was feeling euphoria because soon he would pick the fruit he had taken good care of. His good mood made him want to laugh out loud continuously, even though nothing was funny.

Meanwhile, Barend, who was waiting in his room, hoping to get some good news, was now punching his desk hard. The news conveyed by one of his men sparked his anger until veins imprinted in her neck. “Hurry and find both of them! Don’t let them escape or I’ll kill you instead!” he ordered firmly with clenched fists, ready to punch anyone who made his anger explode uncontrollably. He didn’t want the plans he had made for a long time to fall apart.

The guests that come to enliven Felen Debutante were already present. They will witness a perfect performance. The show where an accident would become the death of Aghnya and Felen. However, if the main character were not present on stage, the show certainly could not take place. “Find them before the show starts!” They immediately carried his firm orders out.

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