7. The First Ritual

Your pain is the most delightful thing that I will slowly absorb.


“My Lord, the preparations are complete.” Adrien approached Leon, who was looking at the beauty of the night sky in Devil Reign through the glass wall. He waited quietly, not wanting to disturb his master.

“Look, Adrien...” Leon sighed as he spread his arms wide. “... one of my wishes is within my reach,” he said with a burst of passion. His face showed satisfaction as he licked his dark red lips sensually, feeling a pleasant euphoria bubbling within him.

“Of course, My Lord. After all, you are indeed wonderful.” Adrien replied.

This time, Leon chuckled. He put on a big smile. “Your flattering still sucks, Adrien.” His body turned to face the old servant as his hands tucked into his pocket’s pants. His golden eyes gazed coldly at Adrien. “You may go, Adrien. I’ll pick up my bride myself.”

“Very well, My Lord.” Adrien lowered his head and walked

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