8. The Cruelst Demon

Felen saw her reflection in the mirror. Nothing had changed from her physique other than an odd symbol on her chest. She touched it with her fingers. This is proof that last night was not a dream.

She would never forget it. It might even last a lifetime. Her body and mind remembered it. However, she still felt it was not real, or rather, she rejected it.

Once again, she looked at herself in the mirror. This time, she turned around, surveying her back. However, there are no other oddities as well. Then at that moment, the doors opened wide, revealing the demon who had tortured her last night.

“Wow…” The demon — Leon, whistled at the attractive sight.

She covered her breasts and inched backward when he stepped closer. “It’s not what you think it is!” she said with a wary expression.

He smirked. “I don’t mind if you think about something dirty, Milady.”

“Stop right there!” She said, but he didn’t heed it at all, mak

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